“New year, new me”. Bollocks to that! I’ve never quite understood why the dawn of a new year should make so many of us sit back and think “I am not good enough, time to totally change”.
It’s the point at which we all start resolving to lose weight, shell out for expensive gym memberships, load up on the kale and vow to give up chocolate and carbs. We look back over the year and apparently, we come up lacking. Nope, enough of that please. In a society which runs on a strange oscillation between self hate and selfies, how about breaking the status quo and saying “what did I do well in 2017 and what can I build on?” Make your ‘resolutions’ positive ones, as oppose to focusing on the negatives. You may be reading this thinking “that’s all very well for the girl who spams our instagram feed with workout motivation and posey photos”, and yes, I hold my hands up to this, but equally, I don’t do that because I think going to the gym and eating as I do makes me any better than anyone else, it works for me, it makes me happy and I love being strong. It’s also part of my work. I say it all the time, but remember, my life is definitely not as airbrushed or as together as my well laid out insta feed, and nor will it ever be. So, here is a challenge: try writing down 17 things about 2017 you enjoyed or are proud of. Ditch the body shaming. Workout how to live a year of success and happiness. If you want to get fitter, find a form of exercise you enjoy and something that motivates you other than just how you look or the gravitational relationship between you and the Earth. I’m going to post a roundup of my favourite 2017 workouts, find something you actually want to go too, if that’s what you’re in to.

For me, I’m hoping 2018 will continue along the same vain as it’s predecessor. I took some leaps of faith this year, changing drama school, pulling back on 📸 work to give more focus to acting and writing. I’ve travelled with people I love and alone (obvs found myself in Bali 🙄), I’ve run further and faster than ever before, started this blog (if I actually have to make a resolution it’s to be better with this!) I’ve baked and cooked and eaten a lot. I’ve worked with some inspiring directors and people on really exciting projects. I’ve been involved in mentoring anorexia patients through recovery as well as other charity work, which I hope to bring forward. As cheesy as it sounds, I’ve never been more grateful for the people in my life, old and new my tribe are amazing, but smooshy stuff over. The moral of all of these ramblings is take the good stuff from your year and build on that, I fully believe sending those vibes out to the universe (#thesecret) is the key to success. Positivity all the way. Make 2018 yours, I know I will with all the plans afoot.

Happy New Year, love and kisses