So anyone who knows me (or who has read my latest post), will know I am NOT one for punishing New Years resolutions, but here’s a roundup of my favourite London workouts of the year and where to keep an eye out for in 2018. Enjoy!


1. Barrys Bootcamp – Always and forever my favourite. Sprinting, sweating and potentially swearing a couple of times a week 😉

2. Velocity @ Core Collective – Hit up Ben’s classes. A new addition to my list (thank you Mickey for introducing me to Core). The classes are changing, but I’m excited to see what this gorgeous gym, just off High st Ken has in store for next year. (Full post to come).

3. Tempo Pilates – the most challenging reformer class I know.

4. Barrecore – anyone who says a barre class isn’t challenging isn’t working in the right way.

5. Hot Yoga @ Another Space – fast paced and sweaty with a hint of dancers flow, the only kinda yoga I enjoy!

6. Kobox – nothing will make you feel more badass.

7. Doghouse Fitness – why aren’t you closer?

8. Pole fitness and aerial silks @ gymbox – all the pain and burns, but both incredible workouts.

9. Blueprint @ Bodyism – the most beautiful boutique gym I know with incredible trainers and gorgeous food! A whole body and self experience.

2018 Hit List.

My 2018 is looking like it’s going to include a lot more dancing, so a change in training is likely a foot. Can’t wait to see what it holds. On the note, I am SO excited for the opening of QUEEN OF THE BOOTY BURN Ashley Yeater’s Define Studio in London. If you know, you know.

Enjoy your sessions x