Kobox, branded as ‘fight club meets night club’ and the brain child of ex Barry’s trainer Shane Collin, when this studio opened in Chelsea and started popping up all over my Instagram, I knew it was one I had to try. Welcome to London’s first boutique boxing studio. Okay, so someone says boxing gym and the first image that springs to mind (for me at least) used to be a sweaty carpeted room (I don’t know where the carpet came from), full of men, a few of whom probably have black eyes, you know, from all the boxing…okay, apologies for my vividly stupid imagination, but to me that is not an image that appeals, it’s also NOT Kobox. With branches in Chelsea and ‘The City’ (right next to Liverpool Street Station) Kobox keeps a little bit of grit with it’s heavy metal lockers and bare walls, but incorporates all the boutique gym vibes with it’s friendly staff, large communal table (in Chelsea) and fluffy white towels. The perfect mix?

The Workout:

First session you will be given your branded Kobox wraps (to protect the hands…I think) and taken through the different punches before class. Kobox works on a ‘punch by numbers’ basis, with each number representing a different punch, right hook, left uppercut etc. Then…class begins. Each class (lasting 50minutes) is split between wall and bag work, with each round lasting around 5-7 mins. On the bags, you are positioned at your own heavy water bag and by following the numbers projected onto the wall above, you basically punch the shit out of it. Boxing has been springing up left right and centre lately as a serious cardio hit, and you wont be disappointed, this is a serious burner. Now to the wall, now this is all about the strength training, but it’s not only about lifting heavy. Whilst there are a lot of weighted squats (in the lower body sessions at least), there are also lots of body weight exercises, they will pummel you with the burpees and jump lunges…one of my favourite things about Kobox is that they often incorporate partner work. DO NOT FEAR, I go by myself all the time. Ian Streetz has a sadistic tendency for getting you to hold a low squat, often with a pulse, as your partner completes a specified amounts of reps of another exercise. It makes you work HARD because someone else is relying on you, FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION.

The changing rooms:

Okay, people think I’m mad, but in all seriousness, my workout experience can be seriously enhanced by a good shower at the end of a session. Now, here I’m going to have to draw a comparison between Kobox Chelsea and Kobox city and I am afraid Chelsea loses the battle in one simple way…their showers. There is nothing wrong with them, per say, but City’s showers are a knock out (I couldn’t help it). The water pressure is 10/10 and the products are GREAT. They may not be your run of the mill spa changing room, gilded in white, but their edgy grit follows the general kobox theme and makes you feel like a ‘badass’ (in a fluffy white towel). They have all the trimmings, along with hairdryers and straighteners, so leave your products at home!

Shakes and Snacks:

As you’d expect, both vegan and whey protein options at their shake bar, a good haul!

My Verdict-

With Kobox you get out what you put in, I used to think Kobox was a ‘softer option’, but I’ve realised how very wrong I was. If you really go for it, both on the bags and on the wall, you will feel the burn the next day in a big way. For anyone who has dreams of being a Bond Girl/in yet ANOTHER X-Men remake (), it’s the perfect way to make you feel on top of the world, strong and powerful, but without your face being in danger of a flying fist (that would be a fun one to explain in my next casting…) It truly is fitness without the fear and a great one to do with a group. Work hard and you will see the results!



Starter- 2 sessions and your branded raps-£25