New kid on the block (the South West London block), is ‘Dog House Fitness’, a boutique fitness studio, nestled in brunch ridden Balham, offering spin, box and raw vegan fun. As my nearest and dearest will tell you, I have a phobia of spinning, indeed, I am yet to find a spin class I enjoy, and as I am a firm believer that exercise should be fun, I opted for a box session this Saturday morning.

The Workout:

A 45 minutes high intensity circuit class, incorporating weights, calisthenics, cardio and boxing drills on a bag. There’s a reason Gigi Hadid, Adriana Lima and Gisele Bundchen all box, it BURNS, whilst waking up your body and your mind. Bag drills are like choreography, stimulating you mentally and physically. The Dog House boxing studio can only hold 9, meaning the instructors can really keep an eye on your technique, and make corrections where appropriate. Nothing makes you feel more bad ass than learning how to throw a decent punch. The weights and floor sections of the workout got my heart rate right up and included a lot of variation (think twisted burpees, medicine ball push ups, and sit up punches), the regular changes kept us constantly on our toes and engaged, ensuring I could sure as hell feel my abs, ass and arms!

Shakes and Snacks:

It’s all about the Vegan goodies, provided by rawligion. Gorgeous raw, vegan treats (cheesecake, millionares bites, you name it), shakes and coffees, as well as gluten free bagels, granola and salads, make this a hot spot for people to come for a bite to eat, whether they’re working out or not, add in the fact that it’s dog friendly (it’s all in the name), and they’re on to a winner!

My Verdict:   

A fantastic class in a gorgeous studio, with delicious food, and the feeling of the friendly neighbourhood hotspot! These guys are set to FLY. I might even give spinning a go next time…