Barry’s Bootcamp, in infamously challenging workout that can take credit for Kim’s curves, mr Gylanhall’s arms and Beckham’s abs. I may be slightly biased when it comes to Barry’s, it was my first step into getting a lot stronger and really pushed me to make positive changes, but all that aside, Barry’s is still my favourite I think. Yes, it’s marketed as “ the best workout in the World”, but there are a lot of reasons why “nothing beats that Barry’s feeling”. Right, how to explain Barry’s without making it sound terrifying. It’s a land of studios lit by nothing but red lights, gorgeous instructors and hot, sweaty people. No, this is not a brothel, this is the path to a stronger, fitter body.

The Workout:

Barry’s encompasses cardio and strength training through constantly changing workouts, aiming to shock the body into improving your fitness and sculpting those muscles. You swap between tread (treadmill) and floor, with times on each varying. What I love about Barry’s is that it actually makes a session on the treadmill exciting and you can visibly see your improvements in your speeds, the nature of the workout forces you to push yourself instead of just coasting along at a gentle pace at the gym, keeping more of an eye on the calories count than anything else. Barry’s embraces strength and determination, instead of focusing on simply losing weight. I’m not going to tell you it’s easy, it’s not, but if you put in the work, you will see the results. I first came to Barry’s a pathetic little thing, still working on recovery from anorexia and still pretty underweight. I wasn’t in a place where running was a good idea, so used to do double floor. When I first began I was struggling to do the sessions with 2.5s and definitely avoiding the shake bar. Barry’s not only got me to lifting a lot heavier than that, but also helped me embrace my new strength and focus a lot less on my weight. As well as this, trainers like the lovely Jay Copley (everyone has there favourite) got my form on fleek, meaning that I would not be exercising in a way that could damage my body. They don’t just tell you to lift weights and leave you too it, if you’re squatting wrong, you’ll quickly know about it. Perhaps this is why Barry’s has a reputation for being a little scary, i’ve got a lot of friends who say they’re too scared to go with me for fear of being yelled at. STOP WORRYING. The trainers don’t randomly yell to bdumbells-transe mean or abusive, they will try and help you push and stretch yourself if they think you can go harder, but they don’t just randomly scream abuse, in fact, they’re all (in my experience) a lovely bunch and super motivational. My advice, give it a go, it’s truly the best session I know!

Shakes and Snacks:

I will try not to get too over excited when discussing the shake bar at Barry’s, but basically, it’s the best. You’ve just finished a super hard workout, you’re feeling sassy and sexy and full of endorphins, you conquer the stairs up from the studio (if you’re in East London) and waiting at the fuel bar is your favourite shake. I’m pretty boring in my choice-a plain jane with coffee, but the unique hermosa protein powders used to make the shakes really do make it delicious. The menu is full of far more adventurous creations than I have thus far delved in to, shakes encompassing blueberrys, peanut butter, you name it, they’ve got it. Not to be missed and definitely part of the session.

The verdict:

Get your ass down there, its not cheap, but so worth it. There’s a reason they call it the best workout in the World.


Where to Find Them?  

In London: Barrys West (Queensway), Barrys East (Liverpool Street), Barrys Central (Euston) and the brand new Barrys SW1! 

Catch Barrys ALL OVER the USA, Dubai, Milan, Canada, Norway and Sweden!