‘Forgive me Lord, for I have sinned’. Hidden in Shoreditch, behind a gorgeous little chapel, you’d be forgiven for thinking redemption was just another trendy East end bar, however, for those in the know (and instagram stalkers), the infamous golden wings on the wall outside give the game away…yes, this is redemption, a vegan, alcohol free restaurant in London’s edgy East end (with another branch in Notting Hill). Now, I am not one for marking any food as ‘sinful’, however, Catherine Salway, the woman behind redemption is big on the idea that it’s all a bit tongue in cheek. The menu, which varies regularly I hear, is full of tempting offers, indeed, my girls and I had a job narrowing down our selection to a reasonable amount of goodies. I could’ve quite happily eaten a plate of firecracker cauliflower to myself, the sticky, not too spicy gingery sauce was just what my stomach was calling for on a cold Friday night. Add in the baked sweet potato side and I was a happy woman. Less to my taste were the drinks (I didn’t actually order one, but sampled some of my girls orders). For me, they were far too rose watery, however, perhaps they just ordered badly, I was gunning for someone to order lettuce spray personally!

I’m not usually a dessert person, however, i’ve got to say that the ruby forest gateau (which we shared), was utterly delicious, rich and decedent layers of raw chocolate mousse on a nutty base with raspberries and a vanilla ‘cream’, the entire thing was just what I needed AND didn’t leave me feeling like I’d consumed my weekly sugar and fat allowance in one foul swoop!

Service wise things were a little slow, however, this could have been exacerbated by the fact I was RAVENOUS after a heavy 1rebel session and we got there towards the end of service.

All in all, i’d definitely recommend this little gem to anyone who enjoys a good bite, it just gives proof that healthy eating can be far more exciting than a few leaves on a plate!

Oh, and if anyone tries the lettuce spray before me, give me a shout and tell me how it is!

What we ordered (between 3) and what I’d get again:



Maki Rolls (not personally, but I don’t like seaweed, so i’m not the person to ask)
Firecracker Cauliflower (yes, yes, hell yes)
Ratatouille (maybe with a little more salt…whoops)



Broccoli and Beans
Sweet Potato (always and forever)



Acai Berry Cheese Cake
Ruby Forest Gateau




Around £25 each.