Goodlife Eatery Review


The Goodlife eatery, you’ve more than likely seen the pictures, the paleo, health, lifegoal, avocado, fitfam hashtags (I am awkwardly guilty of 99% of these), but what’s it all about and why should you go? Inspired by the ‘SoCal’ foodie lifestyle, friends Shirin Kouros and Yasmine Larizadeh, founders of The Good Life Eatery created a healthy eating Mecca in London, full of wholesome goodness through healthy (yet hearty) meals. Goodlife offers 3 different locations around London, the original in Chelsea, followed by Marleybone and Knightsbridge, if you’re lucky enough to be in a catchment area, Ubereats can even deliver a great bowl of goodness!

I sit and write this in the Chelsea branch, post Kobox session (round the corner) and I must say, almond milk cappuccino in hand, I feel as if I am living the Goodlife. Goodlife is one of my favorite places to take people on lunch dates in London, largely due to the fact that it’s healthy without being overwhelming. I’ve never had negative feedback, even from the most discerning of punters who have greeted me with ‘I am not eating raw kale’. No, think more courgetti with basil cashew cream, chicken meatballs, sweet potato and quinoa falafel wraps and my personal favourite ‘the goodness bowl’, which offers a little taste of lots of it, topped off with half an avocado. It’s not super light, so go hungry, but it’s super good. They even do a ‘man bowl’ (I question the naming of this, just like we all questioned Yorkie’s ‘only for men’ campaign, but hey ho), you basically build your own protein rich meal, which is always a winner. I warn you now, it’s not the place to sit down and get on with work whilst dining, there’s no wifi, so take a friend or a goodbook or go crazy and just enjoy your own company! Drinks and desserts wise, you’re spoiled for choice, with an array of different smoothies and juices as well as ‘healthier’ cakes. There are great vegan and gluten free choices too. Now, on the side of price, it really varies. Some of it is pretty good value I think (the Goodlife bowl comes in at £12.50, which for the amount of food you get is not bad!), but the egg white frittata will set you back £7.75, which is a lot for a little slice of frittata in my opinion (although it is delicious).

My verdict? Good for a treat with a friend or if you’re hungry after a big old session and want to get in your protein! It’s utterly delicious (the edamame miso dip is slightly addictive…) Be warned though discerning friends, they don’t yet have macro calculations (but who’s counting?)


What I have:



Quinoa salad, zucchini fettucine, sweet potato and quinoa falafel, edamame and miso dip, 1/2 avocado with omega seeds, feta cheese, gluten free crackers, lemon dressing GF