Farmstand, a little gem tucked away just outside the main thoroughfare of hectic Covent Garden (and conveniently round the corner from Lorna Jane!) It is a place of healthy salad goodness, that I must confess to be a little addicted too (goodbye wages). All the food is free of refined sugar, gluten and dairy and everything is seasonal and ethically sourced from the UK, so ‘don’t expect a strawberry in December’. So, what’s on the menu? Farmstand offer a small and select counter of dishes and a plated of protein and 2 salads (of your choice) will set you back a pretty good £7.50, which for central London is pretty damn good! Now, I have to admit that the one set back for me are the protein choices, I’m pretty fussy when it comes to chicken and although I’m sure it’s delicious, there’s also a lot of thigh meat involved, which I am just not too keen on. However, for those who are less fussy than me, or who like lamb or salmon, it’s pretty much heaven (and for those who are as picky, I combine a salad box with my own chicken breast and VOILA, happy days). You may be thinking, well that sounds like a massive faff, but I’d say that just take it as a sign of how good the food is, I am more than happy to grab my cooked chicken and egg whites from Marks and combine it with a salad box from farmstand, it’s well worth the extra effort! On top of that, they do GREAT coffee, which you can get with a variety of different milks, including whole, skimmed, oat and soya (oat milk is basically the best thing ever btw). So, for your fill of healthy, quick and ethically sourced British goodness, head for farmstand, I can guarantee you will leave feeling full off goodness!

The Menu and What I get:


1) Choose 1 Main and 2 Sides
2) Or choose 3 Sides
Slow Cooked Beef Brisket, Mushrooms & Tamari
Lamb Meatballs, Smoked Paprika & Tomatoes
Harissa Chicken
Farmstand Daily Fish
Roasted Aubergine, Celery, Tomatoes & Olives

Brown Rice & Quinoa
Roasted Sweet Potato, Ginger & Coconut Yoghurt – This is absolutely gorgeous
Buckwheat Tabbouleh, Fennel, Cucumber & Pickled Lemon
Onion Squash, Corn, Heritage Tomatoes
Lentils, Cucumber, Radish & Dill –
Cabbage, Tumeric & Black Onion Seed – I could eat just a box of this if I’m honest
Maize Pasta, Artichokes, Mushrooms & Marjoram
Split Fava Beans, Roasted Peppers & Pumpkin
Broccoli, Tahini & Sesame Seeds- I am slightly addicted to this.